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There are many organizations that run distributed applications on multiple platforms leading to islands of information within the organization. This results in an enormous loss of time and effort in collating information from various systems and analyzing the same.

Magic xpi Integration SolutionsIt is imperative for enterprises to run tightly integrated systems to ensure continuity of data and eliminate process redundancies. In today’s competitive world it is absolutely essential to have real time information at your fingertips to make quick relevant decisions.

Integration tools can facilitate communication between the various systems and ensure that data flows smoothly between multiple systems. However, just data flow is not a measure of the success of an integration solution. Intelligent integration solutions can not only monitor data and process flows but they can also alert the stakeholders in the event of a process failure.

Many a time large enterprises have integration requirements which can often be highly complex with a lot of checkpoints and validations before the data moves from one point to the other. Custom built integration solutions take a long time to build and also are prone to many errors and often cannot adapt rapidly to additional integration requirements and changes to existing integration requirements.

Alchemy’s Enterprise Integration Team has successfully executed a number of complex integration projects. The team has built it’s practice on the Magic xpi integration platform; an enterprise grade integration platform that is completely meta data driven. It’s visual drag and drop interface enables quick mapping of data points.

Magic xpi has pre built secure connectors for leading enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Salesforce, Microsoft and IBM. The tool offers complete management and monitoring capabilities and can work seamlessly across multiple environments.