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Magic Software Enterprise MobilityThe mobile device has come a long way from the days it was used for phone calls and email and is today capable of running enterprise grade business applications. Smart enterprises have realised the potential benefits of using mobile based applications to increase their efficiency and reach. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a paradigm that is fast gaining acceptance in organisations around the globe.

However, enterprise mobility brings in its own challenges. One of the biggest challenges to doing business on mobile is the different operating systems that run these devices and the lack of standardisation. This necessitates companies having to develop the multiple versions of the same mobile application for compatibility with the various operating systems. This results in a maintenance nightmare and also results in higher costs to adapt these applications to meet the ever changing requirements of the business.

Mobile network connectivity is another major challenge in enterprises adopting mobile applications as these applications typically fail when the device is out of network. Enterprises are constantly looking at ways to meet these challenges as they are aware of the enormous business benefits mobile applications can bring to their business.

Alchemy’s Enterprise Mobile Practice employs the best of breed technology to build enterprise grade mobile applications.

Our Enterprise Mobility Practice is built on the Magic xpa platform which is a meta data driven rapid application tool that facilitates development of cross platform native applications that work seamlessly across Android and iOS devices.

The Magic xpa platform also facilitates development of native offline mobile applications so that the business is insulated from the vagaries of the mobile network. The user can still work offline and the application will synchronise with the server when the network is available.

Our Mobility Consultants work closely with the client to architect mobile solutions that can extend their current business applications to the mobile device thus enabling unified computing on the move.