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The competitive factors driving today’s economy has made it necessary for organizations to invest in business applications to increase their efficiencies, reduce costs and decrease time to market.

Each business has its own intricacies and many a time it necessitates a solution that is custom built to meet the organisation’s specific requirements.

Alchemy’s expertise in architecting and developing enterprise level applications has helped many clients to automate their business processes and achieve up to 80% savings in time and effort costs.

Magic xpa Application Platform


Our collaborative approach along with a clearly outlined project methodology ensures that delivery and quality commitments are met thus reducing the customer’s go to market timelines. Our FlexiBuild methodology enables us to build in parts while keeping the larger business objectives in mind thus enabling faster rollouts of high priority functionalities while continuing to build the complete system. Our emphasis on the planning and architecture phase of the project ensures that the delivered application is robust and scalable and can easily adapt the customer’s ever-changing requirements.

The Enterprise Application team consists of highly experienced business analysts, technical consultants and user interface experts who work in synergy to ensure that the application caters to both – the user experience and the functionality requirements.

Alchemy’s Enterprise Application Practice is built on the Magic xpa application platform which is a meta data driven rapid application development tool. The development is ‘Code Free’ and is much faster than traditional technologies. Applications built on the Magic xpa application platform can seamlessly work on Windows Desktop, Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.